Twitter has finally announced plans to include the most sought-after edit feature to the social media platform but only for paid users.

The new feature comes after a plethora of users have asked for an editing function for their tweets for quite some time to fix mistakes and mistakes.

Twitter announced on its blog users of Twitter Blue customers which is the company’s paid subscription that costs $4.99 per month, will be able edit their tweets multiple time within the 30 minute from the posting time.

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The company has also stated that if users see an altered post, it will be because the editing button is being examined and sarcastically told its users that this was finally occurring and that they’ll be fine.

In the month of April Elon Musk, the most successful person in the world and Tesla’s CEO Tesla has expressed interest to purchase stakes on Twitter and posted an online poll in which he asked his fans if they required an edit button. The poll got 73 percent of ‘yes” votes.

Twitter’s spokesperson, when asked about the worldwide availability of the feature she said it was going through tests to “anticipate what will happen if we introduce it to all users”.


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