Twitter has added headlines and description to their “Trending” section

Twitter Trending

Many believe that Twitter’s real-time trending section does not provide the specifics needed to judge the obvious. Although some trends such as the recent  #BlackLivesMatter hashtag was particularly easy to judge there are always some trends that which are not known to many people and hence require some sort of an context. This is one of the main issues that Twitter seeks to resolve, which is why it’s gradually including headlines, news articles, and summarized descriptions to the trend section of their website and application.

An announcement by the company was made last week, in which the company stated that they would be pinning a representative tweet to the trend’s page which will provide a context to the topic that is trending. With the addition of headlines and description, Twitter users will gain some insight and will have a better idea of why something in particular has made the top trend or for that matter the top 10 in trending. 

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The aforementioned features will allow users of the famous platform to have a proper newsreader experience, because they won’t have to try to make sense of relatively unknown trends anymore but rather, they will be better equipped to understand the context and gain further information about it from the associated articles and summaries. Despite the recent updates, there are still quite a few trends which Twitter is still unable  to annotate properly. Sometimes, it lets the news headline do the job of explaining what the trend is about, while at other times, you find a link attached which redirects you to a news article to give you quite a lot of information regarding the said matter. 

Moreover, while the company announced their updates in the last week , Twitter also r elaborated on the trend descriptions which were written by its curation team and were particularly targeted at being as straightforward and as clear as possible. It is unclear how Twitter choose which trends to describe and which trends are not to be defined but we’re sure we’ll get some idea behind that logic in the upcoming days or so. 

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Now  it appears that Twitter will essentially have control on which trends they will give more context and clarification to. For example, only trends which Twitter considers to be confusing and relatively unknown shall get pinned in the tweets or descriptions category. A Twitter spokesperson commented on the confusion by saying that “If a trend is particularly confusing and a lot of people are talking about it, it may get a pinned Tweet or a description,” 


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