Twitter to highlight breaking news with a timeline on top of news feed

Twitter to highlight breaking news with a timeline on top of news feed
Twitter to highlight breaking news with a timeline on top of news feed

Twitter, an online social media platform that has brought together the world from a common man to the presidents of the countries, is testing a new feature that will bring a timeline on the top of the users feed to highlight the breaking news events.

 This new feature is tested with Android and iOS users in the US and it bundles tweets that are curated by humans.  But the feature under testing process, is expected to be ‘strictly’ curated algorithmically in the future.

According to a recent report published BuzzFeed News, the social media platform ‘Twitter’ test did highlight its curated timeline on 14th March the current year and this timeline displayed events such as the congressional special election in Pennsylvania, the demise of Stephen Hawking, and a lawsuit that got filed by the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich against Fox News.

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Through a statement, Twitter product VP Keith Coleman says about the report that people come on this platform to see and talk about what is happening around and keeping that in mind, the company is working on ways to make it more than easier for everyone to find relevant news, surrounding conversation to keep them informed about what does really matter to them.

Twitter product VP Keith Coleman also added that the new feature could also come up with multiple timelines for the same news, one with the latest tweets while the other with recaps tweets.

Would not it a really good experience with the new feature on Twitter? The news related to our interest would become more easily reachable that will really save our time as well as increase our intrest for being on the platform.

How do you feel when imagine the upcoming feature on Twitter? Does it really matter you or you take it just as a thing of not much concern? Let us know your opinion through the below comments session.


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