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Twitter hires again after mass layoffs

According to reports, Twitter has resumed hiring after cutting staff. Elon Musk, Twitter’s new CEO, also announced that Blue Verification would not be back until the platform can stop impersonation.

The Verge reports that no one will be fired or laid off after Elon Musk asked for a “really hardcore Twitter”. Musk told Twitter’s all-hands meeting that the company will continue to look for engineers and salespeople, despite current layoffs. The company’s sales and partnership teams were laid off on the very same day Musk made the announcement.

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Robin Wheeler, Twitter’s head of ad sales, and Maggie Suniewick, the vice president of partnerships, were fired after rebelling against Musk’s orders to eliminate more employees.

It has been reported that Musk didn’t specify which jobs Twitter is seeking to fill, but he did say that “people with great skills at writing software are top priorities”. Additionally, employees asked Musk about Twitter’s future, including whether it would move to Texas like Tesla. It seems that Musk does not plan to move Twitter HQ to Texas, but said being ‘dual-headquartered’ in both states might be beneficial.

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Musk also stated that moving to Texas would confirm the idea that Twitter has shifted from a liberal to conservative platform. “This is not a right-wing takeover of Twitter,” Musk said. Twitter is being taken over by moderates”. According to him:

In order to be the digital town square, we must represent a broad range of opinions.

To be the digital town square, we must represent people with a wide array of views even if we disagree with those views.

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