Home Business <strong>Twitter infrastructure costs to be cut by $1 billion by Elon Musk</strong>

Twitter infrastructure costs to be cut by $1 billion by Elon Musk

<strong>Twitter infrastructure costs to be cut by $1 billion by Elon Musk</strong>
Twitter infrastructure costs to be cut by $1 billion by Elon Musk

Since taking office, Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk has been making drastic changes to the social network almost immediately following his appointment. In a massive downsizing move, he has fired a large number of Twitter employees, including executives and managers alike. Also, he wants to charge $8 for the blue tick verification service, which is expected to be made a paid privilege in the near future.

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As a result of Musk’s decision, Twitter has been instructed to save up to $1 billion in annual infrastructure costs according to sources familiar with the matter. A message from the company’s internal Slack system has been cited by Reuters as the source of the information.In a high-traffic event such as the U.S. midterm elections, this raises concerns about Twitter’s ability to handle traffic during that time.

According to the Slack message, Twitter plans to reduce the amount of money the company spends on servers and cloud services by up to 1.5 million dollars or $3 million dollars in a single day. According to the project description, it is called the “Deep Cuts Plan.”

Reuters has obtained an internal document that shows Twitter is currently losing about $3 million a day, when all expenditures and revenue are taken into account, according to the document. There has been no response to a request for comment from the social media giant as of yet.

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Currently, Twitter is examining the possibility of cutting down extra server space that is kept to ensure that the website remains available and accessible during times of high traffic on the website. There is a risk that the website and app could go down during critical events, when users rush to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to consume and share information, and the website and app could be affected.

Among the sources said that Musk was willing to take a risk to achieve these goals, which is why he is willing to introduce that risk. It has been reported that the second source described these cut-downs as “delusional”, adding that once the traffic starts to ramp up, the servers have the possibility of failing in spectacular ways.

According to the Slack message shared by the sources, Tweeters are now eager to come up with a cost-saving plan with Twitter before the November 7 deadline. For this reason, a few employees have also been ordered to work every single day of the week in order to meet the deadline.


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