Twitter announced on Thursday it has added a brand fresh feature to allow users to locate and watch videos on the platform.

In addition, the company will release the video feed which can be scrolled as TikTok.

In the coming hours, iOS users will be allowed to join the scrollable video feed simply by clicking on a video within their feed.

After you’ve finished watching the video you clicked You can scroll up to discover more videos to view.

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You’ll then be able to access the feed of videos you can browse through like how TikTok operates. You can click the back arrow in the upper left corner to quit the viewer and go right back to your original tweet.

Twitter states that its new media viewer that’s immersive will allow users to locate interesting videos.

The social media platform didn’t specify when Android users will be able use the media player that is immersive.

Additionally there’s a change to also, the Explore section on Twitter is set to soon include an updated video carousel.¬†Users will get a new section titled “Videos for you,” which will showcase popular and trending videos the app believes they would enjoy.


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