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Twitter Launches New Way of Identifying Brands and Employees

As announced in the company’s press release, Twitter has officially announced its Blue for Business subscription, which is geared towards companies looking to “verify their Twitter presence and distinguish themselves from their competition.” In order for companies to prove that they are working for someone, the service will allow them to link their main account with their employees in order to make it easier for them to prove that they are working for someone.

This service is currently being tested by the company with “a small group of companies,” which includes its employees. Esther Crawford is the director of product management at Twitter and you will find a little bird badge next to her blue checkmark when you look at her Twitter profile. It serves as proof that she is a member of the company’s staff.

This tweet shows her announcing Blue for Business in a tweet. There are also some employees who work for Craft Ventures, a venture capital company, that are affiliated with the company. 

So far, Twitter has not shared a lot of information about the new service. As of right now, we do not know the exact cost of Blue for Business, who is eligible for it, and how it will verify that a business is already enrolled.

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According to the press release published by the company, more businesses will be able to subscribe to the service next year. There is a warning from Twitter that not all platforms will be able to access the Blue for Business features. A number of these features have already begun appearing before the announcement was made. They “may change periodically.”. 

Twitter is looking to generate revenue from its subscription service, Twitter Blue, for the first time by creating an enterprise tier, which is basically a tier for businesses. There are a variety of different uses for Blue for Business, including the use of the logos of sports teams and their athletes, the use of logos next to movie stars’ names, and the use of badges that identify journalists who works for a certain outlet.

Also, Twitter has begun rolling out a gray checkmark badge for accounts that have been designated as ‘government’ or ‘multilateral’. It may already be visible on the @WhiteHouse account. 


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