Users haven’t been allowed to edit Tweets posted on Twitter for many years. With much expectation, Twitter has revealed that the long-awaited feature–the possibility to modify tweets is arriving. In this announcement, Twitter has announced the users have 30 minutes from posting a tweet to edit the tweet. While this appears to be adequate however, the company has now declared that users will be able change tweets 5 times over the 30 minute time period.

The sum seems to be sufficient to add tags or fix mistakes. In changing the text of tweets in real-time the company appears to try to stop users from slandering one another. Responding to a query regarding this, the company said it was noting the frequency at which tweets are altered in order to understand the user’s behavior and the amount of times they can alter the text of their tweet during the timeframe.

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Edit Tweet will initially be available to users who opt for the premium subscription, however not all paid users will have access immediately. According to the company Twitter Blue, users from Twitter Blue in Australia, Canada as well as those in the United States will get the feature later than users to New Zealand, who will be first to benefit.

When the company announced plans to provide the ability to edit its platforms, a number of experts warned that it could be used to distribute propaganda and political plots. But, once the feature becomes available to everyone, this could be scrutinized. While it’s still too early to determine how people will benefit from this technology in their everyday lives, the company would like to ensure security by increasing the number the times that tweets may be modified.


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