How Twitter New Notification Features are Annoying you as Hell

Perhaps of most social media sites, twitter is the easiest to get the hang of. All you do is type in a tweet, post it and wait for someone to interact with it. It’s a very simple concept, but despite not tweeting as much, I seemed to have ended up with a lot of twitter notifications since the last month.

Let’s say if I’m having a cup of tea in the evening I’ll get a bing on my phone it will be a twitter notification say something like this

Twitter Has Rolled Out New Notification Features and They Are Annoying as HellAs much as I enjoy John Legend’s social media content I don’t want to be notified every time he tweets something.

What’s worse is if one of your mutual tweets’ get a lot of attention, you get a bing. When an active and big accounts tweet something, there you go another bing. I have woken up to a clogged notification bar, kudos to Twitter. If I don’t turn my phone on silent my phone would be binging every 2 hours with useless notifications that I did not ask to be notified about.

Twitter’s depression is understandable, their stocks have fallen to 12% and their site has not increased in user volume in the second quarter. But I don’t think taking cues from Facebook is a grand idea. Twitter allows you to lessen the notifications to a limited amount, unlike Facebook where you can choose to completely unfollow a post at any given point.

Every social media site harbours its own aesthetics and functionality which make it vibrant and exclusive. The further you move away from the difference the easier you mix in and get looked over. Twitter has a great to offer, it’s an individual platform to get information about events and news and that should not be taken for granted by its owners.

An update started off at the start of August which has now been updated to all Twitter account. T

I have come in the range of Twitter’s attempts to get me to be more involved with my following I also understand their desperation



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