So if you are a Twitter user, you would know that it not possible add text to your retweets, rather it can only be retweeted as it as with not change whatsoever or any addition of any kind, However, the tables have turned as Twitter has found a new way of letting their users share there input on a matter. It should be notedthat many users were waiting for a feature which could somehow solve this matter, however, Twitter faced some problems with visual clutter which is why we didn’t get an update and hence a new feature sooner.

An update has finally been rolled out for iOS, Android, and the website of the social media platform. Users will find an addition of a GIF to the retweet and on top of that sers can also add up to 4 pictures and a video. Some very popular Twitter accounts which include the likes of NASA and gameofthrones have already started using the features that come with the new update.This small update, no matter how simple it looks, took Twitter some time to figure out.The social network has already shared some information on the hard work that took placeto make such a feature possible to the hard work that went into making this possible and in turn stated that,

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“Teamwork and collaboration are a huge part of Twitter’s engineering culture. A project like this brought together and saw contributions from multiple teams across Twitter Eng”.

Now for some of the problems the new feature has faced, Adding GIFs or any such media to retweets initially caused a visual clutter. Moreover, the tweet which was shared also lost visibility in addition to the visual clutter which enraged a lot of users as well.To sum it all up, unless the user clicked on the link, nobody knew what was happening. With the new update it seems that this problem has been dealt with efficiently.


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