More recently, social media giant Twitter proceeded on to introduce the world with a new feature going by the name of Spaces – which represents an audio chat room – so as to take on the likes of Clubhouse. Earlier in this month, the feature was subject to being made available for users of the Twitter android app.

However, for now, this feature is not yet available for everyone, and happens to be only available for a limited number of countries. However, twitter has indeed gone on to confirm that it is in fact aiming to make the spaces live audio feature available to all of its users by next month.

Twitter has gone on to start the process of testing the feature for Android with around 1000 users in late last month and took upon itself to start rolling it out to more users all across the globe just earlier in this month. The company claimed that for now, Android users will not in fact be able to host spaces but they will actually be able to join and talk in spaces. It also claimed that the support for host spaces for Android users is coming.

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As has been noted above, this feature has the potential to allow users create both public as well as private audio chat rooms on the microblogging platform. The feature, initially, was actually announced back in December of last year, however, had been limited only to iOS only. Of course now though, it is indeed expanding to more users.

Nonetheless, twitter has also commented by saying these are still early days for spaces and the first priority of the company is to build moderation. Hence this is the reason why the company is taking a more cautious approach so as to bringing even more features to the table. 


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