Twitter tests warnings

Twitter Asked To Block Malicious Content against Superior Judiciary

Before you decide to jump into a rather feisty conversation on social media giant Twitter, you might end up eventually seeing a warning with respect to a potentially hearted conversation. Indeed as of right now, Twitter is actually in the process of testing a “Heads up” feature on both iOS as well as Android which may end up serving its users pretty well. Also, on top of the intensity warning which has of course gathered quite a bit of attention, there also happens to be a screen which highlights a few golden rules to remember as well – all with respect to online conversations of course : remember that there is a person on the other side, focus on facts, and also consider the value of different opinions which could actually end up strengthening your perspective.

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Much similar to Birdwatch, Twitter’s community-driven push so as to fight misinformation with the aid of informed context, the heads up feature makes its way in order to empower the users of the company. While it’s a rather tough thing to prevent toxic conversations in all their entirety, this does represent one way thereby which users might opt out of a potentially contentious argument. Of course it’s also important to remember that this isn’t exactly replacement for tools that could aid in helping out people in avoiding harassment, like its new safety mode.

In the more recent times, much has been made of course of all that is going on in social media websites. Many are prone to heated conversations that may end up with racial slurs or other things that people might find offensive. Tools like these from Twitter are only likely to improve the situation at hand all in all, and hence make it better as well as safer for all the users.


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