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Twitter wants to charge businesses $1,000 a month for checkmarks

A few weeks ago, Elon Musk acquired Twitter, and his goal is to make it into a profitable business, using the technology he developed. As part of this effort, Twitter has launched a subscription service, called Twitter Blue, which will allow users to subscribe to the content. Essentially, the concept of the service is very simple: individuals or businesses pay an $8 monthly fee to get a verification checkmark and other benefits. Musk, however, seems to not be satisfied with this amount. It seems that Musk has other ideas as well. It has been reported that Twitter is trying to capitalize on the growing number of businesses using its platform by charging them $1,000 per month to keep their golden checkmarks on the platform. Here are the detail…

Twitter will let businesses keep their gold checkmarks — for $1,000 per month

Despite Twitter Blue getting off to a bad start, it somehow managed to find its way into our lives and become a part of it. As part of this service, the blue checkmark feature was available for individuals, as well as the gold checkmark feature for businesses. There are, however, reports that Twitter is now looking to charge businesses who use its platform $1,000 per month for the privilege of keeping their gold checkmarks. According to reports, companies who do not pay the fee will have their gold badges revoked,

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Furthermore, Twitter is considering adding a $50 per month charge for businesses affiliated with Twitter to add badges to their accounts as well. Previously known as Blue for Business, Verified for Organizations allows companies to “verify and distinguish themselves” on the platform and add badges to their employees and affiliates accounts as a result of proving and distinguishing themselves on the platform. You can read Matt Navarra’s post on the topic, which is a social media analyst specializing in social media.

In order to start off, let me make it clear that Twitter has not yet confirmed this information officially. However, given Elon Musk’s recent comments and the company’s $12.5 billion debt, it may not be im

possible to achieve this. However, charging $1,000 per month per verified business account does not seem to be a logical thing to do. The pricing would be more reasonable if it was based on the number of followers or the size of the business.



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