Two more iPads models ready for launch this year

Two more iPads models ready for launch this year
Two more iPads models ready for launch this year

This year could end up highlighting a quite refresh in the lineup for iPads. Recent speculation surrounding Apple suggests that the company has actually registered two tablet models with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) regulator –and the registered models don’t actually match anything that is present on the current line-up.

The recently spotted activity go on to take the total number of mystery iPad devices in the EEC database to seven. There is the high probability that these are just slight variations in storage rather than distinct iPads.

The filings on their own don’t tell us too much about the devices – however, there is one thing we know for sure : they will be running iPad OS which is due out this coming September. There also comes the possibility of Apple planning an October event for iPad – something which the company has been known to do over the course of the past few years.

Looking at the pattern though, it is possible that we might be looking at some new iPad Pros – as the devices will be a year old this coming October. It may also be time for Apple to refresh the entry-level 9.7 inch IPad – which was initially introduced back in March of last year.

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There aren’t too many rumors or leaks concerning the new iPads – however, the rumors do say that some of them might include improved cellular reception. Hence it is all but possible that we might be looking at smaller upgrades rather than major refreshes.

One thing is for sure though – considering the fact that Apple unveiled a 10.5-inch IPad Air along with a 7.9-inch IPad Mini back in March of this year – these two particular lines won’t be liable for a revamp this time around.

It is also possible that Apple wants to eventually get all its iPads to look like the iPad Pros – featuring with thin bezels and the absence of a home button – however, considering the fact that the main selling points of the 9.7-inch iPad is the device’s affordability, Apple might be restricted in bringing about too many changes design wise.

Regardless, if the new iPad Pros are on their way, then we expect the main changes to be on the internal side of things, rather than external. These changes are likely to consist of extra speed bumps.


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