Two Pakistani engineers have developed a prosthetic arm which can be controlled using the brain

So Pakistan is a country which has some very talented individuals who pack with them loads of potential which sadly goes unnoticed due to the lack of opportunities for the younger generation of the county. However, that should not fool you, as if you’re passionate enough, your potential peaks through the ranks and before you know it you’re out there changing the world. Two Pakistani engineers have developed a prosthetic arm which can be controlled using the brain.

A similar story about “changing the world” come from two amazing individuals from Pakistan who are pretty talented engineers in the field of bio-robotics who have through there determination and passion truly developed nothing less than a work of art. The Two Pakistani engineers, Mohammad Awais, and Anas Nazir, have developed a prosthetic arm which can be used to aid the  disabled people in the country, however that is certainly not all, the two have engineered the robotic arm aid to be controlled by an individuals brain, you think of moving your robotic arm? Well it’s already moving as you think that, this innovation is truly remarkable and a moment of pride for the country

Moreover it has been found that both Awais and Anas started working on bio-robotics during their university days after they got a class project. Regarding the matter Awais spoke to the media and said that “Bionics was aimed at making a name for ourselves in the world of bio-robotics. Now we are working on bionic-based lower limbs and exoskeletons”,

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In addition to things the impact their innovation has had is truly remark ableas according to reports, there project has helped more than 30 disabled people as we speak and if this project can be produced at a wider scale, the benefits are countless. According to the details, the fingers and hand move in response to the signals transmitted by the brain. Moreover, as per the finances the robotic arm was made at a cost of $2,000, which is about Rs 312,700.

Talking about the mechanics of the artificial hands, Anas Niaz explained during an interview with a local news channel that“We place sensors at locations in the body where the brain sends electric currents or signals to fingers, commanding them to move”. Truly a remarkable milestone achieved by the two individuals, the people of Pakistan salute you two gentlemen.

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