The Xiaomi Mi 9 is set to be the Chinese company’s first ever phone to come with a triple camera setup on the rear side of the phone, and this speculation comes as a result of the ITHome. The tech site went on to report on the 28th of December that both the Mi 9, and the Mi Mix 4 just as might feature with this sort of camera configuration.

ITHome also goes on to suggest that both the phones could come with this camera setup as an added bonus of the Snapdragon 855 SoCs. While at this moment of time, this is indeed speculation, it just as might plausible, considering the fact that usually, the Mi and Mix series’ phones typically go on to pack the latest flagship chipsets from Qualcomm.

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The triple camera setup took pace this year, and it is now likely that this sort of setup on smartphones will be in full swing next year, as many smartphone manufacturers look to apply such a technology on their respective smartphones. It is also likely that Samsung too will release a phone in 2019 with a triple camera setup, as it is expected that at least one of the devices coming from the Galaxy S10 series will go on to feature the triple camera setup.

However, the same source, ITHome has also gone on to suggest that the Mi Mix 4 might just as well make use of a periscope lens – something which is still relatively unknown around the world of Android. What a periscope lens can offer is superior optical zoom capabilities when compared to the other smartphone camera lenses while being a similar size.

Two Xiaomi phones now tipped for triple camera Setups along with Snapdragon 855 SoCs

Also, current rumors go on to suggest that the Xiaomi Mi 9 will come with a 6.4 inch display, a battery consisting of 3700mAh, and also, as much as 10 gigs of RAM.


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