Types Of Basketball Hoops

Types Of Basketball Hoops

There are two basic types of basketball hoops that you can buy, and they each offer a variety of different advantages and benefits. They are also divided into two general categories: traditional in-ground basketball goals and portable basketball goals. Which category is right for you will depend on your preferences, your requirements, the space that you have available at home or at the facility that you play at, and your budget.

The first type of hoop that you will come across is the portable basketball hoop. These generally take the form of a cylinder with a backboard attached to it. As the name suggests, they are light and easy to carry around, and because they don’t have a rigid back board they are much less likely to damage when something does happen on the court. They are particularly suitable for use indoors, because you won’t risk scratching or denting the backboard. Portable backboards vary in size from very small ones, which will allow you to display them just about anywhere, up to about the same size as standard backboards.

The second main type of basketball hoop that you will come across is the in-ground one. These take the form of a long narrow cylinder, with a lip on one side. Because they are intended to rest against a hard surface, they tend to be slightly more expensive than portable basketball hoops, and they tend to be more difficult to install. They are also not always suitable for use indoors, due to the potential for scratching and denting the backboard.

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One of the reasons why you will find that an in-ground basketball hoop is slightly more expensive than a portable one is that it will usually require installation. In case you aren’t able to do this yourself, then you should think about getting a professional to install it for you. Not only will this cost a bit more, but it may well require a bit of work getting it to fit correctly. However, once it is installed it should look much like a portable one.

A type of basketball hoops that is increasingly popular is the portable one. As the name suggests, these can easily be folded away and carried around if you don’t want to play at home – great if you are out travelling. Just like regular basketball hoops, these are usually made from a sturdy, hard wearing steel.

Types Of Basketball Hoops

If you are looking for the best basketball hoops for the court that you have, then you should probably consider getting a hoop fixed onto a post. These types of hoops are normally about six feet high, but many can be used between six and ten feet high. Some six foot portable basketball hoops even come with a glass board on the other side of the hoop to allow for easy viewing. These are definitely the most common, but there are a number of others to choose from.

For those who prefer a portable version, then there are also in-ground hoops available. The great thing about in-ground hoops is that they can all be adjusted the same way; meaning that you can use different rims for different shots. This means that if you are going to play on a fastbreak, using a bigger rim on one hoop will actually help you gain some ground. However, for longer shots, a smaller rim will generally do just fine.

Most basketball hoop stands these days are made from a very durable materials, including steel and tempered glass backboards. They are not as flimsy as the ones made from plastic but are still very solid. You should also make sure that the hoop stand is stable as well, since it is essential that it does not shake when you are using it. Many of the cheaper hoop stands on the market shake so badly that they can actually damage your ankles.


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