In response to the unprecedented rainfall and subsequent floods last week, the UAE has introduced a Dh2 billion fund to assist citizens in repairing their homes damaged by the weather. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, characterized the recent rains as unparalleled.

According to reports from Khaleej Times, over 200,000 distress calls were received by the country’s control rooms from residents, highlighting the extensive damage inflicted on residential properties.

On Tuesday, April 16, the nation witnessed a year’s worth of rainfall in just one day. The UAE recorded 6.04 billion cubic meters of rainwater within a 24-hour period, compared to its average annual rainfall of 6.7 billion cubic meters. This heavy rainfall led to widespread flooding in many communities and homes, resulting in flight cancellations, disruptions to public transportation services, and motorists being stranded on waterlogged roads.


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Addressing a Cabinet meeting in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, Sheikh Mohammed remarked, “The severity of the weather situation was unprecedented. But we are a country that learns from every experience and develops itself.”

Over 17,000 security and emergency services personnel, along with thousands of volunteers, were mobilized to deal with the aftermath of the rains. “Our dams are full, our valleys flowed, and our groundwater reserves swelled. We learned lessons in dealing with severe rains and enhanced our readiness to be better prepared for the future,” added the Vice-President.

Tragically, at least four individuals lost their lives in the floods. One Emirati lost his life after his car was swept away in a valley, while two Filipinos died of suffocation inside their vehicle during the flood. Another individual passed away in an accident.


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