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UAE to grant Citizenship for any Foreign Investors and Doctors

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced some major changes to laes pertaining to citizenship in the country. The country has just made a historic decision  as the  gulf country will now allow foreign investors, doctors, scientists, artists, and talented people and their families to become citizens of the country. 

The decision was just tweeted by the Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is also the Vice-President, Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai was made after taking into consideration the national development process and to ensure social stability for the people. In his tweet he wrote:

“We adopted law amendments that allow granting the UAE citizenship to investors, specialized talents & professionals including scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, authors and their families. The new directives aim to attract talents that contribute to our development journey. The UAE cabinet, local Emiri courts & executive councils will nominate those eligible for citizenship under clear criteria set for each category. The law allows receivers of the UAE passport to keep their existing citizenship”.

The people who fall under the category will be eligible to apply for Emirati citizenship under some conditions. The changes in the law shall allow the recipients to maintain dual nationalities, which was not allowed before. There are different prerequisites for people who fall into different categories:

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“Investors will only be eligible for citizenship if they own property in the UAE. They must have at least one certified patent by a relevant international body including the UAE and must have a letter of recommendation from the UAE’s Ministry of Economy”. 

Read a report detailing the new reforms. 

Medical doctors and skilled professionals can apply for Emirati citizenship only if they are specialized in a unique scientific field that is needed by the UAE, have ten years of experience in it, and have contributed to research and studies that have a scientific value.

Applicants who are serving as scientists should have at least ten years of experience in their respective fields and be active researchers in them. They should also have significant scientific contributions to the country in addition to a letter of recommendation from an accredited scientific institute in the UAE. In addition to that, any talented individuals such as artists must be winners of one international award in their field and be pioneers in culture, the arts, and other talents. 


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