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UIT Electrical Engineering Graduates Eligible for Direct Work Visas for USA, UK, Canada

Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) affiliated with NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. UIT recently announced that the graduates of its Electrical Engineering program are eligible for obtaining work visas for USA,Canada, Australia, and New Zealand along with other countries of the world. Thegraduates will not be required to pass any equivalency or qualifying exam to berecognized as professional engineers in these countries.

UIT is one of two institutes in Pakistan whose four Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems, Electronics, Power and Telecommunication) programs have achieved this distinction by attaining PEC OBE Level II accreditation under the Washington Accord.

UIT stated that: “UIT has graduated over 3500 students todate who are gainfully employed in the industry, businesses, software houses,government organizations and a variety of other enterprises. A number of themhave started their own entrepreneurial ventures. Many have risen to toppositions in their fields. This visa facility for our graduates is indeed asign of our institute gaining an international reputation that is at par withother leading institutes and universities.”

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Usman Institute of Technology is Pakistan’s leadingtechnology institution offering undergraduate and graduate level programs inEngineering and Computer Sciences. Established in 1994, the university is nowaffiliated with the NED University of Engineering & Technology. UIT’sengineering programs are accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) andits computer science programs are accredited by National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC). Of late, UIT has been granted the coveted “W”category by NCEAC. It is also recognized by Higher Education Council (HEC) asan affiliate of NED.

UIT Electrical Engineering Graduates Eligible for Direct Work Visas for USA, UK, Canada

UIT offers a number of scholarships, grants and awards to brilliant and needy students. It also offers concessions for siblings andchildren of UIT’s staff members.


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