Age UK starts a thrice a week walks scheme to give people a healthy lifestyle

To get a healthier life we always suggest one another to walk if not more than at least 30 minutes a day. But how many people are on the way of that very healthy lifestyle that is the outcome of a daily walk? Everyone should think about it.

Age UK has launched its Walking for Health scheme. This scheme targets the diseases associated with a walk-less lifestyle and in an effort to get more people out and walking Age UK has started a journey.

This initiative set up a walking group called “Staying Steady Strollers” and have started the novel journey. As this group on the roads is aiming at three walks per week and more weeks of the year are planned to avail for 30 to 40 minutes long walks on thrice a week basis.

The walks that guarantee a healthier lifestyle take place on a Tuesday in Harrogate. One of these walks is at 10.30am leaving from the library in Starbeck on Knaresborough Road. While the second walk was scheduled at 11 am this walk left from the post office on Cold Bath Road.

The third walk is planned in Knaresborough on a Thursday. This walk will leave at 10.30am from COGS, (The Centre on Gracious Street).

These walks are really enjoyable social gatherings as they provide you as much talking opportunities as walking.

As the eradication of disease and start of a healthier lifestyle is aimed so the routes selected for these walks are also health friendly.

The routes for these walks are as level as possible. These levelled routes are best to start walking even for those recovering from surgery or taking a start to walking. These routes are also good for a long-term health condition.

This is the opportunity to start a healthy lifestyle all these walks are free. But the that will be a point of disgust for some people is that dogs are not allowed on the walks. And that’s the good point too as well because the company of dogs can disrupt the walkers in various ways.

The most interesting point not only for me but also for a huge majority is that group visits a cafe after the walk.

To join walk all you have today’s do is that turn up to the meeting place simply and start walking with the group.

The interested people can contact Helen Steventon, Ageing Well co-ordinator on 01423 502253 to start a walk.

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