A youtuber recently posted a video on YouTube in which he unboxed the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Moreover the phone is set to be released tomorrow on the 16th October in London. In the video the Youtuber using the moniker NTK95 showed the phone in full showing its sleek design and describing the features surrounding the phone. Furthermore this video more or less confirmed the existence of a in-display fingerprint scanner and in addition also showed some of the in-box accessories coming along with the phone.

The audio was in Estonian language and without any English subtitles making it very difficult to interpret what the host was saying so honestly we don’t have much of an idea as to what message the Estonian Youtuber was trying to portray. However, the box,  the phone itself and accessories surrounding the phone were clearly visible and towards the end the host gives you some insights on the device. The device is titled Mate 20 Pro Early Unboxing and can be viewed on Youtube.

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Moving on, There will surely be much more unboxing videos on the phone once the phone is introduced to the masses but all in all it is pretty cool to see the device a day early and to gain some insight about the phone and of course check out the In-display Fingerprint sensor. Furthermore we expect the new phone to contain a 6.9 inch AMOLED display with 6 or 8 Gb RAM and a triple camera setup on the rear end of the phone and a very large battery which is expected to be bigger than a 4000mAh battery and Android 9 PIE to be pre-installed in the phone skinned with a EMUI 9.0. We also expect the phone to run on a Kirin 980 processor which is set to be the first 7nm chip on an android device so Huawei are going big with this phone and it is very likely that the phone will be a super-hit among the people considering the sleek look and the innovative features Huawei is introducing to the world. Huawei may very well provide some tough competition to the big guns of the industry. With the phone set to be launched tomorrow the hours are set to feel like days as one of the most anticipated phone is set to introduce itself to the world.


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