Samsung phones in the future. This new technology might just bury the notch technology and since Apple launched the iPhone X and with it the new notch technology, the smartphone industry became more or less a battle between companies on who had the most suitable notch on their phones, launching one notched phone after the other as this is deemed the next big advance in smartphone technology. Samsung who is without any doubt Apple’s biggest competition has chosen to stick with its curved edge’s display phones which are without notches but however made some significant changes to the design of their smartphones by trimming bezels on its flagship line and as it stands Samsung is still known to be the best when it comes to making smartphone displays. Such amazing displays are no secret and Apple, Google and even Huawei are rumored to use Samsung panels in their phones but with Samsung its always innovation and so they improve their displays even more with the course of time.

Now according to the latest report, Samsung is looking to bury the notch once and for all by creating a type of AMOLED display panel which will be capable of holding a camera underneath the display or to be more conclusive it will feature a in-display fingerprint sensor. Innovative yes, but it is not something new by any means, IDI a Japanese display company is known to have created something like this before but the reason this technology is going to be big is that if the company is able to fit a camera underneath the display which will reduce the front bezels to almost zero percent.

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Furthermore the only question on the minds of most people is whether Samsung will introduce this technology in their upcoming phone the Galaxy S10. Vivo and Oppo have already done that but their versions however they use moving motor parts to retract the selfie camera which is a little impractical. The reason being that these phones cannot be waterproof, and so always hav with them the risk of outdoors, sand and of course water. These elemental particles can easily make their way in to the phones and probably damage the phone in the process. Other than that, devices with moving parts also tend to wear out fast. Well coming back to Samsung, as most of you are aware that Samsung is ready to launch its new phone the Galaxy S10 in the coming few months and the company has already been teasing consumers with the fact that their new phone is likely to come along with amazing design changes to it but we think the under-display selfie camera won’t make it to the Galaxy S10 as the S10 is only a few months away and Samsung still seems to be in the early stages of developing its new panels but it’s Samsung were talking about here so one can never be sure. We might however see it in the next year’s Note phones for sure.


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