HEC urges Universities to wage war against Extremism in Campus

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has asked universities in Pakistan to organize effective protocols and projects to check chances of radicalization of students and university staff, and also reinforcing security arrangements in the campuses.

In a letter issued to Vice Chancellors, Rectors and Heads of universities, the Chairman HEC has said that:

“Some of the current acts of viciousness and terrorism in the nation have uncovered the inclusion of university students in such grievous incidents. This is very unfortunate and underscores that intolerance, radicalization, and extremism is on the ascent, and universities need to challenge this situation.”

The letter expresses that HEC has been always endeavoring to urge the best administration of the colleges to observe conceivable security threats, inside and outside the university’s premises.

Referring to the Vice Chancellors’ Committee meeting held in May 2017, the letter says that association and coordination with students ought to be fortified. Furthermore, the faculty ought to be more visible over every single social space at the universities in order to eliminate the student-faculty disconnection as much as possible.

The letter underscores that tutoring and advising of students ought to be organized and be a regular activity.

“Any irregular conduct must be deliberately checked and analyzed,” the letter keeps up.

Universities must fight extremism in Campuses; HEC

It additionally asks that directorates for students ought to be set up for enlisting their issues and offering answers for them. Advancing instructional exercises, games and additional curricular activities are required so steady engagement with students is being kept up.

HEC additionally advocates holding of public lectures to boost understanding, resistance and peaceful concurrence.

The Vice Chancellors’ Committee Meeting was followed up with collaboration of the Inter-Services Public Relations on the Role of Youth in dismissing Extremism at GHQ, Rawalpindi.

The HEC Chairman has additionally repeated that the higher education sector is relied upon to not just dispose of any inclusion in acts of extremism, yet additionally take measures that connect with youth and students in productive scholarly and social exercises that conceive professionalism, higher good and moral lead, resistance and regard for disparity.

He communicated his certainty that with the university heads’ tireless individual contribution and supervision, institution of Higher Education will be improved and undeniable places of learning and societal advancement.


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