It has been seen that KP government always had some kind of issues with co-education and when it comes to higher education the authorities never settle down for it. This time, it’s Khushal Khan University, who finds itself at the center of a controversy.

Recently an announcement came from as the university administration which has passed orders to ban male and female students from sitting together in the central library.

According to the university’s administration, the objective behind banning mixed gatherings in all areas of the university is to maintain suitable environment. University’s administration believes that doing so will restrain an ‘inappropriate environment’ and keep up a culture of silence in their library.

In the urge of this order, the university administration will be allocating a separate space for females’ students.

On the other hand, anyone who will violate the rule by being in a mixed gathering will be referred to the Chief Proctor for disciplinary action.

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Here you can see the official notification about the ban on male-female gatherings in the Khushal Khan University, Karkak:

A similar but positive move

In another move which has recently been taken by Directorate General of Sports of KPK, the authorities of KP also banned the presence of ‘notable’ men in sports functions across all colleges in KP. Well, this is certainly a positive step by the govt as it will be easy and comfortable for girls to take part in extracurricular activities and sports functions.

On the other side, there is a solid reason behind this move (banning men photographers or any other) as some men used to take pictures via their cellphones and then harass females over social media. Now, after this move, college women of KP will safe while performing extracurricular activities during different sports events.


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