The organization of the HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, which is important for the University of Karachi International Center for Chemical and Biological Science (ICCBS), has affirmed exiting the workforce of one of its representatives during a disciplinary activity over accuses of acting mischievously of a female researcher. 

The choice was taken on proposals of a four-part request council approved to examine the protest recorded by an employee. As indicated by a letter gave by the ICCBS on January 15, the council widely explored the case and inferred that the representative’s conduct with his partners and seniors was not proper. 

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Alluding to the board of trustees’ suggestions, the ICCBS organization stated: “From the procedures of the council, it was set up that Senior Lab Assistant Zahid Hussain Fatimi is liable of genuine offense, terrorizing, and subjection. He acted mischievously with female understudies as well as didn’t play out his allocated obligations, and understudies working in the lab are upset and don’t feel good working in the lab in Fatimi’s essence.” 

The letter further expresses that during his work, a sum of 16 objections were held up against him and he was served six show-cause notification and 10 admonition letters. He was likewise suspended once. 

“Appropriately, it is currently settled that in spite of given the last notification dated June 23, 2017, Mr. Fatimi didn’t improve his demeanor,” the letter peruses. “He has been managed the cost of a lot of opportunities to show improvement and amend his conduct and execution; in any case, he has neglected to show any regret.” 

Taking note of the proposals, the letter expresses that the panel suggested the end of his administrations. “Nonetheless, on compassionate grounds, the panel proposes, at the assessment of the foundation and in the wake of taking lawful exhortation on this issue that somewhat ending Mr. Fatimi, he be resigned from administrations quickly under the part 40-An of the University of Karachi Act 1972.” 

The letter additionally expresses that as he has finished more than 25 years of administration, he might be qualified for annuity and different advantages after retirement, which he would not land on position end. The letter adds that the proposal of choosing exiting the workforce for him has been made distinctly on helpful grounds.


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