Yesterday history was made, with the Kashmir Issue being brought up in the security council meeting in the midst of constant resistance from the Indian side to prevent it from happening. It truly was a historic day, but the results are still pending as to how this would shape up later between Pakistan and India who are way too close to war.

India had previously not allowed any intermediary to get involved in matters related to Kashmir stating that it was an “internal matter”. However, the United Nations Security Council has nullified the statement and Maleeha Lodhi, the permanent envoy of Pakistan to the UN also stated that it was proof that the Kashmir issue is not an internal matter, rather an international one.

After the meeting when addressing the media, she also mentioned the resistance which was seen to prevent this meeting from happening and the conclusion was that all 15 member states of The UNSC have agreed to human rights violation in Kashmir and have resented Indian movements to further the unrest by the illegal revoking of Article 370. A surprising thing to note here is that the 15 member delegation were all non muslim states which goes to show that Pakistan is not fighting for the rights of muslims here but rather for the rights of human beings being detained and tortured mercilessly by Indian forces.


This is the first but not the last step we have taken on aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir. We’ll continue our efforts to peacefully resolve this issue. They are not alone… their voices have been heard, and their plight, their hardship, their pain, their suffering, occupation of their land and the consequences of that occupation has been heard in the UN Security Council today

China has also stated the importance of table talks to resolve such a matter and that unilateral moves by both countries would definitely end in disaster. India has been provoking Pakistan continuously which started off with the revoking of Article 370 and now firing at the LOC has left 3 Pakistani martyred while the Pakistan army was able to respond back by killing several of their army officers. India, under Modi has risen to become a nation which supports the rights of human beings, only if they are Hindus. It has shown time after time, that India would not be home to people of other religions and that shows the nationalistic reforms which have had grave consequences at the end.

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