In the world, often very talented and fame deserving people are been ignored simultaneously, while some people become famous just for some minute reason.  But we are not concerned about those who are famous because of some ordinary reasons,  our main concern is to highlight the extraordinary but hidden talent of the youth. And yet Pink Taxi has proved its motivational work by highlighting achievements of this young lady Farheen Naz.

Just imagine a girl who is Pink Taxi’s Brand Ambassador and Self Defense Trainer for our Female Pilots and Taekwondo Gold Medalist 2016,  would like to know her achievements, being proud of her?

Obviously, your answer is yes, and it should be,  because this ” yes” is actually the first step to help the young lady get her deserved fame.

We feel proud to tell you that the girl we are talking about Ms. Farheen Naz is an amazing athlete and she is a passionate contributor to the game of ” Taekwondo ” in Pakistan,  which is itself estimable.

A glimpse of her achievements is as under

  • This Unsung hero of the nation is Gold Medalist at National Games 2016.
  • She set her position as a Gold Medalist in 1st Quaid-e-Azam Interprovincial Games 2016.
  •  At National Championship 2015 she won Bronze Medal.
  • Again Bronze Medalist in 1st DG Rangers Championship 2015.
  • And  Bronze Medalist at Under 19 National Championship 2014.

She is an amazing personality whose name will inspire a number of girls who have hidden talent but are not confident enough to move in the society and do their best for the nation and for themselves as well.

Ms. Farheen Naz is an outstandingly successful candidate for fame and through this blog, we have taken a step to get her achieve her deserved fame. Hopefully,  you will do your best in this regard the first step to being taken is to share this blog post.

So get your Pink Taxi app from Google Play Store and enjoy the A B C.


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