Pakistan’s World Cup Aspirations: The ‘Qudrat Ka Nizam’ 2.0 Perspective

In a thrilling turn of events in the 2023 ICC World Cup in India, South Africa’s stunning victory over New Zealand in Pune has sent shockwaves through the cricketing world. The resounding win not only bolstered South Africa’s position but also threw the race for a semi-final spot wide open. This article explores the ramifications of South Africa’s triumph and delves into Pakistan’s path to securing a coveted semi-final berth.

The Impact of South Africa’s Victory

The thrashing of New Zealand has not only significantly affected their own prospects but has also dented their Net Run Rate (NRR). This outcome creates a tantalizing scenario for Pakistan, which is now on the cusp of potentially making it to the semi-finals.

Pakistan’s Road to the Semi-Finals

For Pakistan, there are two distinct scenarios that could secure their qualification for the semi-finals. Let’s take a closer look at the sequence of events that need to unfold in Pakistan’s favor.

Scenario 1: Eliminating the Kiwis

Pakistan currently finds themselves just one win away from drawing level with New Zealand. If the Shaheens manage to defeat the Kiwis in their upcoming match, both teams will be on an equal footing with eight points from eight games.

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The real challenge for Pakistan lies in their final league match, which is against the bottom-of-the-table England at Eden Gardens. If Pakistan secures a victory, their path to the semi-finals will become much clearer. However, if they lose, their hopes of reaching the semi-finals will hang by a thread.

Net Run Rate (NRR) will come into play in such a scenario. Pakistan not only has to increase their margin of victory but also hope that Sri Lanka delivers a significant loss to the Blackcaps.

Aussie Collapse

The second scenario for the men in green is to win at least one match and for Australia to lose all their remaining matches against England, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh to remain at eight points or lose two matches with substantial margins of defeat. This would place Pakistan above them in terms of Net Run Rate.

In either scenario, Pakistan needs to win both of their last games and would still prefer Afghanistan and Sri Lanka to lose at least one or two of their remaining matches with decent margins to keep their Net Run Rate below Pakistan’s.

The Importance of Net Run Rate

In the intense battle for the semi-final spot, the Net Run Rate plays a crucial role. Teams not only need to secure victories but also need to consider the margins of those wins, making it a complex equation to solve.

Pakistan’s Final Push

As Pakistan braces for these critical encounters, the entire cricketing world is eagerly watching the unfolding drama. Will Pakistan rise to the occasion and make it to the semi-finals, or will other factors come into play? The journey to the semi-finals promises to be a thrilling one, filled with ups and downs, unexpected twists, and fierce competition.


The 2023 ICC World Cup has turned into a nail-biting affair, and South Africa’s victory has thrown a curveball into the mix. Pakistan’s path to the semi-finals is challenging but not impossible. With a combination of strategic victories and a close eye on Net Run Rate, they can secure their place in the coveted semi-finals.


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