Upcoming Huawei Nova 4 display gives us a look at the notch-less future

Upcoming Huawei Nova 4 display gives us a look at the notch-less future
Upcoming Huawei Nova 4 display gives us a look at the notch-less future

Well if notch is just not your cup of tea, well then Huawei may just be the brand for you. The Huawei Nova 4 was recently revealed in a concert which took place in China and well it seems to have a display which will not have a notch embodied in to the screen.

Moreover, as per the reports it was revealed that the notch-less phone will feature a small camera cut-out which will be seen on the top-left corner of the screen. Moreover this leaves room for almost a full status bar at the top end of the phone. Albeit one that starts slightly to the right of the front-facing camera so for those who have a heavy disliking of the notch, this will appear to be very good news for them. Well if you are not already aware, ever since the launch of the IPhone X, this notch was considered to be the next step in technology, and while many loved the new design, there were also many people who absolutely hated the notch.

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Moreover the new phone is set to come with the first of its kind Infinity-O display which will also be a big step in to a technological future. Moreover with the launch of this phone we may well see many other companies adapt to these new displays going forward. Moreover not only Huawei but also Samsung are testing the prospect of such phones and Samsung have already announced the possibility of a new Infinity-O display that will somewhat utilize the familiar prospect presented by Huawei Nova 4. Samsung plans to implant the Infinity-O display in the upcoming S10 flagship phone.

Moreover aside from the notable display of the Nova 4, the phone seems to feature a very minimal bezel around the screen and moreover it also looks like its wrapped in a case, so we are currently unable to deduce other notable and essential design features surrounding the phone. But all will be revealed very soon.


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