Google went on to launch its latest flagship smartphones, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, just last month, in a jam-packed October, which saw the release of many smartphones. Of course, since the phones were Google’s flagships, there was an array of excitement and hype surrounding the phones, especially the Google Pixel 3 XL – and while the phone has lived up to the hype in many ways, there has also been an element of disappointment attached with the phone, because of one or two issues, in particular, the issue of buzzing.

Many of Pixel 3 XL’s users have been facing a buzzing problem for quite some time now, and while the complaints took Google long enough to respond to, the company did manage to create positivity with its response, as the company has managed to assure its users that the upcoming software update will fix the Pixel 3 XL’s Buzzing issue.

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If the reports are anything to go by, there is some sort of hardware malfunction, which is causing random enough buzzing sounds within the handset. And while this is without doubt annoying, what’s probably even more annoying might be the fact that even though Google has promised an update to resolve the issue, the company hasn’t actually given out a date, or indeed a proper release time, so in the best case scenario, we can hope that the issue will be resolved in the December security patch.

Nonetheless, it is quite refreshing to see Google working on the issues that are being faced by the company’s users, and also being quite responsive to any problems incurred by them. Google has a good track record with regards to its relationship with the buyers, and with the latest events in mind, this relationship is only likely to grow stronger.


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