Upcoming update for maps would result in better Assistant Integration

It seems to be something with a continuous occurrence – as Google keeps on improving its Google Maps by introducing new features, soon one after the other. Just recently, Google also introduced some new features to its rivals’ software – as Google provided the users of iOS with the options to new events selection, and elevation data for walking, as well as cycling. As for now, the Google Maps upcoming update has the inclusion of a much better assistant integration. The new feature is designed with quite some specialties, so you can have a smoother driving experience, and as less distractions as possible.

At I/O 2018, this feature was introduced by the tech giant, Google, and this reflects a much broader trend at Google – which goes on to show the integration of the assistant into as many services as there are possible.

The new update with regards to the Google Maps also goes on to introduce a multi-colored microphone button, which gives you the power to issue out voice commands. Not only this, but the button might also be used as a “listening” animation, which plays right at the bottom of the screen, and this would obviously occur when you’re speaking. The best example of this might be given by the fact that giving voice commands to the assistant happens all in the background, without taking the users out of the Google Maps at all. Pretty much same is the case with the calls, which no longer initiate the dialer app, as they rather appear in a small Google assistant pop up within the maps themselves.

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Google is looking to take a step further when it comes to maps, as the company’s maps is in full collaboration with Redbus, just so they can provide users with all the necessary information required for traveling between two cities. What exactly is Redbus? Well, it is an online bus ticket booking platform, and it recently confirmed that it had indeed joined hands with Google, concerning Google maps.

Also, another new feature is set to be rolled out by Google – and though it isn’t linked even to the slightest bit to the maps, it doesn’t hurt to know, does it? Google is now rolling out a feature which will allow users to share their phone’s battery life with each other.

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