As of today, Apple has launched a new website for its Apple Security Research division. This is a new way by which people can learn more about how to protect themselves and keep track of what is happening. Apple Security Bounty program is another way Apple users can report security problems to Apple engineers in order to help protect them.

Two posts have already been uploaded to Apple’s website as part of the launch. I would like to introduce you to the first post on the site, which discusses XNU memory safety. In iOS, iPadOS and MacOS, the kernel responsible for these operating systems is Apple’s exclusive XNU.

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There are two posts in this series that describe the progress that has been made in the bounty program since it was launched in 2016 and opened up to all researchers in 2019. During the past year, the company paid out about $20 million in payments to security researchers, with the average payout to a security researcher in the product category averaging about $40,000. The company has also awarded over $100,000 in separate rewards for 20 high-impact issues for which it has provided rewards.

“In order to ensure there is a timely evaluation of nearly every report we receive, we have doubled the size of our team and committed to completing it within two weeks, and in most cases, within six days,” Apple wrote.

As well as displaying detailed bounty information, the site has a number of categories available for browsing. By being made aware of what to look for, users will now have a much better understanding of what kind of reward they might receive if they find it. It is possible to win $5,000 for certain rewards, while others can be worth over $1 million for certain winners. You will be notified by email and in a new tracking area on the Apple website if your report receives a reward as well as by Apple in an email.

Apple is currently accepting applications for its Apple Security Research Device Program for the year 2023 from now until Nov. 30, 2018. There will be an iPhone waiting for all of the chosen users so that they can easily discover bugs in iOS.


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