Updating PUBG before 22nd October will gain you rewards in the game

    Updating PUBG before 22nd October will gain you rewards in the game
    Updating PUBG before 22nd October will gain you rewards in the game

    So the most used gaming application available on the Google Play Store is probably the amazing game which we all know as updating PUBG, Players Unknown Battle Grounds,, the game has been a major hit amongst mobile phone gamers and many users have loved the gameplay. One of the main reasons the game is at the top is because of the amazing updates that Tencent give to users. With something new in the mix everytime a new update comes. The game has million of subscribers worldwide and that number is only increasing. Moreover, a PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0 has arrived on October 16 and in turn has introduced a bunch of new features which include ledge grab, an all-new Payload mode, Halloween mode, and a variety of other new changes.

    If the new gaming modes weren’t enough the manufacturers have also added other interesting things which will be made available for grabs which has given users another good reason to grab the update as soon as it rolls out. Game publisher Tencent has announced that anyone who downloads the new update before October 22 will be rewarded with multiple new cosmetic items and a decent amount of in-game currency, making the game much more attractive then it may have ever been.

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    The announcement message from the Tencent support team says “Update before 22 OCT to get: Fairy Set (3 days) x1, Silver Fragment x50 and 2,888 BP”.In addition to things the latest update which has been marked as, 0.15.0 will also feature the new BDRM-2 armored vehicle which will replace the previous UAZ armored SUV. Players can now also use fuel canisters as explosive traps for enemies or throw them in hiding spots to flush out enemies.

    The new Payload mode lets players fly a helicopter and fight enemies mid-air. The mode also lets players revive their teammates by picking up their ID cards and bringing them to the Communication Tower.Update 0.15.0 is live right now and can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


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