Upgrade to Paid Access for ChatGPT’s Enhanced Speed and Intelligence!

OpenAI has unveiled its latest AI model, GPT-4 Turbo, boasting a host of enhancements aimed at delivering faster response times, sharper logical reasoning, enhanced coding and math abilities, and overall improved writing prowess. This advanced iteration surpasses the standard GPT-4 with a larger context window and a more conversational tone but is exclusively available to subscribers of OpenAI’s Plus, Team, and Enterprise plans, starting at $20 per month. The ChatGPT Team package is priced at $25 per user per month, while Enterprise subscriptions are tailored to organizational requirements, with interested parties encouraged to reach out to OpenAI’s sales team for a quote.

In a bid to ensure more timely and relevant interactions, ChatGPT has been updated to leverage the data compiled up until December 2023, a notable improvement over its predecessor’s data limit, which only extended to April 2023. This upgrade precedes the rumored arrival of GPT-4.5 Turbo, purportedly slated for release in June of this year. Although details were briefly glimpsed through search engine pages displaying a dedicated blog post on OpenAI’s site, the page was swiftly removed from search results.

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While it was accessible, the leaked information hinted at significant enhancements accompanying GPT-4.5, promising enhanced speed, accuracy, and scalability. Notably, the model will feature a substantially larger context window, accommodating up to 256,000 input tokens—equivalent to approximately 200,000 words—double the size of GPT-4 Turbo’s context window. Additionally, GPT-4.5 will boast an updated knowledge cut-off date of June 2024, aligning with speculations surrounding its June release, coinciding with the anniversary of the original GPT-4’s launch.


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