Electric bikes are pretty cool, aren’t they? They show us that the future really is here, but there also comes a problem. UrbaNext Electric bikes are very limited. This might be the case due to the price, availability, or perhaps limited options. But what if you can turn your very own bike, into an electric one? Yup, you read that write.

UrbaNext now promises that we can turn our very own bike into an electric one, with the aid of an electric wheel. UrbaNext also says that almost 99 percent of the bikes are egligible for an electric wheel. Once the wheel is there, there are 3 modes that you can adapt. The full electric mode, in which you may just ride along, without the need to pedal. The pedal assist, in which the more you pedal, the more the battery charges, and finally, the traditional bike, in which your bicycle will work like a normal work, and all the work will be done by you.

There are different models that are available, and how fast you go, depends upon the model that you end up getting. The American version features with 350W of power, having a top speed of around 20mph. The European model comes with 240W power, and has a top speed of 15mph. Both the models have a 30 mile range.

If you are interested in knowing the price, then the prices start at 319 dollars. This might seem to be alot, but considering other electric bike prices, it might seem to be a bargain, especially considering the fact that you just need to buy a wheel, so you actually retain the comfortability that you have with your current bike.


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