The UNITIED STATES AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT is working conjointly with the HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION ND ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, in order to initiate the US-PAK center schemes for the purpose of advance studies in the energy sectors of NUST.

This scheme mainly focuses to reduce the energy crises in the Pakistan’s economy. This is one of the biggest challenges upcoming and has been initiated by the USPCAS-E and the aim of the industry of for the research oriented solution in the economy. It will also give the economy and the students of the NUST with a well exposure of the new technology and also to join hands with expert field out there!

One of the faculty members of UPSCAS-E at NUST, named AKIF ZIA KHAN, visited the Arizona University in the month of January. He attended many meeting in his visit based on the lab equipment and the applied research project.

 “These research projects will address some of the most pressing energy concerns facing Pakistan today. Faculty and students at NUST are geared to undertake projects for efficient energy storage and electrochemical reduction of CO2, converting it into useful chemicals for an improved environment” Another faculty member Dr. NaseemIqbal

The USPCAS-E initiative is a part of USAID’s larger $127 million investment in joint efforts of the HEC.


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