A company like Huawei is not one that can be sidelined easily with the huge revenues and deals that Huawei has made with other companies to keep their business going and one doesn’t become the second largest  smartphone company just like that if you plan on banning all business that the company does, you are not just harming one of their markets but also taking away the business of companies who are in contact with Huawei.

Huawei did $70 billion worth of business with American companies of which $11 billion got into the pockets of the companies, and they for one wouldn’t be happy about losing such huge amounts of business. And that has caused a rift between the companies and the government in terms of doing business with Huawei. The chipmakers claim that selling Huawei the chips doesn’t affect national security and that should be allowed. There have been extensive talks being done with the commerce department in order to convince them to allow such transactions to continue with Huawei.

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When it comes to Huawei’s business, the predictions are that the sales hit would be around 40 to 60 percent and Huawei has acknowledged that they would have to find other ways to earn money. Sales in China are consistent with the new Honor View 20 selling 1 million units in two weeks. With regards to sales in UK, a representative has calmed down the situation:

“U.K. sales have so far not been impacted. We are doing good with Honor 20 Lite and as you can see we have gone all out in branding Honor 20 series around London tubes and in EU (sic),”

Huawei’s main aim was to surpass Samsung as the World’s top smartphone manufacturer but with the looks of it Huawei has more pressing matters and would prefer to work hard just to maintain its second position.


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