You thought the entire Pak-India tensions were over for now? Well, you were wrong.

The military exchange at the border following February 14 events had led to some seriously volatile situations between the two countries. The military exchange led to a lot of allegations from both sides of the border about shooting down each other’s jets. While Pakistan caught one of the wing commanders, and even the wreckage of the jet was viral all-over social media, India had nothing to show for during this frenzy. However, that didn’t stop them from making claims about downing Pakistani F-16 jets as well.

Everything went quiet for a while, but its never quiet for long, is it?

A recent recount by US officials of Pakistani F-16 jets has made some really embarrassing news online. The recount found none of the jets missing confirming that Indian allegations were just fake and probably part of a propaganda by the Indian Government to assist themselves in the upcoming elections.

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As for the F-16 count, Pakistan invited the US to physically inspect the aircraft. This practice is a part of an end-user agreement signed when the sale got finalized.

Under such agreements, the US requires the recipient country to allow the US officials to regularly inspect the equipment to ascertain that it is protected and accounted for.

As some of the planes were not available for inspection because of the conflict, the count took several weeks to be completed. Now that the count is complete, it has been proven that all the aircraft are present and their whereabouts are known. Another part of the agreement states that Pakistan is not allowed to use those F-16s against India, which was confirmed upon recount.

At the end, it seems to be a big blow to Modi’s government who now seem desperate to win however, this news probably won’t do him any good.


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