US Customs Make a Joke of Themselves Seizing Oneplus Buds Thinking They are Counterfeit Airpods

Battery Life for the OnePlus Buds

We’ve seen various takes on obvious remote earbuds lately, following in the strides of Apple’s own AirPods. A few organizations have aped the appearance of Apple’s item excessively intently, and it would seem that this may have had unintended ramifications for OnePlus and its OnePlus Buds. 

The US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) gave an official statement before the end of last week, reporting that it held onto 2,000 fake Apple AirPods at JFK Airport in New York City. The shipment was inbound from Hong Kong and the authority said they were esteemed at $398,000 “had they been real” AirPods. 

The main issue is that pictures connected to the CBP declaration and resulting tweet show that the seized earbuds are in reality OnePlus Buds, which are authentic genuine remote earbuds. Look at the declaration and producer’s response beneath. 

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It’s a disgrace that the CBP didn’t understand OnePlus Buds were an authentic item from a conspicuous brand, as a couple of moments of Googling would’ve appeared. However, it maybe features the issue of AirPod clones, recommending that the normal shopper probably won’t have the option to differentiate when looking at the real items one next to the other. 

OnePlus isn’t the main blameworthy gathering in such manner, as a few other noticeable brands likewise offer genuine remote earbuds that look fundamentally the same as Apple’s AirPods. So hopefully we see more unique plans from every one of these organizations later on.


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