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US Easing on the Restrictions Imposed on Huawei

It looks as if the US government is looking towards the proposition of amending the previous prohibitions it placed on the US companies carrying out business with Chinese manufacturer Huawei. While Trump’s administration isn’t exactly backpedaling on its stance towards Huawei, it is indeed making one small change so as to how companies work on 5G standards with Huawei.

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As Reuters has had to say, the US is not actually dropping the prohibitions altogether, rather, it is allowing the US companies to work with Huawei on setting standards as far as the next-generation 5G networks go.

Wilbur Ross, who happens to be the US Commerce Secretary recently said in a statement made to Reuters : “The United States will not cede leadership in global innovation. The department is committed to protecting US national security and foreign policy interests by encouraging US industry to fully engage and advocate for US technologies to become international standards.”

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In accordance with what the report has had to say, while the US Commerce Department as well as other agencies have indeed signed off on the change in rule, it hasn’t actually been published in the Federal Register just yet. However though, it is in fact expected that an official announcement will indeed make its way by Monday.

Just a little more than a year has passed since the US put Huawei on the Commerce Department’s entity list – a list which goes on to restrict sales of US goods and technology to some Chinese companies such as Huawei. This particular list has also just been re-signed for yet another year. The US has always held the point that on the list exist those companies that are a national security concern.

And so with regards to the latest news surrounding both the US and Huawei, rather than this being a weakening on its stance, it is actually a move that is designed to help the country work with companies such as Huawei on 5G standards. 


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