US Encouraged To Intervene Pakistan-India Relations

Pakistan India To Resolve Kashmir Dispute

Pakistan has encouraged the United States to assume its part in convincing India to draw in with Islamabad for carrying harmony and strength toward the South Asian locale. 

“Pakistan is focused on a tranquil area, the onus is currently on India to make the correct conditions,” said the country’s US emissary, Asad Majeed Khan. “We encourage the US to assume its part.” 

Tending to an online discussion of a Washington think-tank, Stimson Center, this end of the week, Ambassador Khan likewise recommended that the new Biden organization ought to counsel the Taliban on any Afghan pullout delay. 

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Valuing the Pakistani American people group’s commitment to reinforcing the public economy, the Pakistani agent said that the local area could likewise assume a vital part in improving US-Pakistan ties. 

A State Bank report delivered for the current week noticed that laborers’ settlements from the United States to Pakistan arrived at an exceptional $1.4078 billion during the most recent seven months, from July 2020 to January 2021. This is a 45.8 percent increment from a similar period a year ago.


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