According to Tesla’s website, there has been a price cut on the Model S sedan and Model X SUV, which are both sold in the United States. A Tesla slashed prices for the second time this year, and this might be an attempt to boost sales before the end of the quarter, as it is the second time Tesla has done this this year.

It is now possible to purchase the Model S all-wheel drive for $89,990, which is a decrease of 5.2% or about $5,000 from its previous retail price of $94,990. A Model S Plaid is now available for $109,990, a reduction of 4.3% from $114,990 when it was launched.

As of right now, Tesla’s Model X all-wheel drive is available for $99,990, down $9.1% or $10,000 from its previous price of $109,990. It has been reduced from $119,990 to $109,990, a decrease of 8.3% from its previous price.

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The latest price cut comes after Tesla significantly cut the price of its vehicles in January, making it at least the fifth time the automaker has reduced the cost of its vehicles in the past several months. Tesla’s CEO and other leaders discussed the importance of efficient manufacturing at last week’s investor day, which was held at the company’s Austin factory in which they discussed the importance of cost cutting and efficiency in manufacturing.

The desire for people to own a Tesla vehicle is extremely high, according to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. As far as their ability to afford a Tesla is concerned, that’s the limiting factor for them.”

Until the end of this month, Tesla Models 3 and Y are still eligible for the $7,500 federal tax incentive in the U.S. on a new vehicle.


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