The Kashmir issue has divided a lot of people throughout the world and where countries have been keeping themselves away only because of their trade commitments to India, there are still some notable figures who have voiced out their opinion over atrocious human rights violation in Kashmir. Among those notable figures is Bernie Sanders.

Recently, he addressed a huge gathering of Muslims on Saturday night and shared his concerns with the people about how he was worried about people in Kashmir and lashed out at India for not being able to provide a safe environment for them to live in, rather making the living conditions there worse. He remarked:


I am also deeply concerned about the situation in Kashmir where the Indian government has revoked Kashmiri autonomy, cracked down on dissent and instituted a communications blackout.The crackdown in the name of security is also denying the Kashmiri people access to medical care Even many respected doctors in India have acknowledged that the Indian government-imposed restrictions on travel are threatening the life-saving care that patients need,The communications blockade must be lifted immediately and the United States government must speak out boldly in support of international humanitarian law and in support of a UN-backed peaceful resolution that respects the will of the Kashmiri people

This followed a rather intense addressing by the PM Khan to the nation where he assured the people that Pakistan would not be backing down from any Indian pressure. They would be willing to go to any extent to deal with India and their measures against the people of Kashmir. Word is spreading far and wide and this might be of grave concern to PM Modi who has made it clear his intentions of making India a hindu extremist state.


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