Usain Bolt tests positive for Coronavirus after 34th Birthday

Usain Bolt positive for Coronavirus

The fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt has tested positive for the coronavirus and has since then been put in quarantine, this happened only days after Bolt  celebrated his 34th birthday by setting up a lavish party, as reported by the Jamaican Media Agencies. 

The retired 100m and 200m world-record holder has not himself confirmed the result of his test but has since then urged anyone who had been in contact with him to put themselves in quarantine just to be on the safe side we presume. In a video he posted on Twitter Bolt says that, “I did a test on Saturday to leave (Jamaica) because I have work, i am trying to be responsible so I am going to stay in and be safe.

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He also added that “Also, I am having no symptoms, I will quarantine myself and wait on the confirmation to see what is the protocol and to see how I go about quarantining myself from the Ministry of Health. Until then, I will call my friends and tell them once they came in contact with me to be safe, quarantine and take it easy,” added the Jamaican. 

As per the latest news from the Jamaica Observthe the currnt health and wellness minister for Jamaica, one Christopher Tufton had confirmed late on Monday that the eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt had tested positive for the coronavirus and following that, he has been quarantined. 

Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness has also said that the police forces are also investigating the circumstances in which Bolt’s birthday party took place. While addressing the press in a virtual meeting, Holness said that “There are reports of an activity related to Usain Bolt, These matters are all being thoroughly investigated and the police will give a report on these matters in near future.”


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