USB 4.0 will be twice as fast

USB 4.0 will be twice as fast
USB 4.0 will be twice as fast

As per the latest news, the USB 4.0, is expected  to be twice as fast as the current USB 3.2 standard (20Gbps).The new version shall not only support up to 40Gbps speeds as a maximum but in addition,the new cable will also have two lanes to send and receive signals from connected devices.

Moreover,the fast and versatile new technology will accommodate a Display Port 2.0 as well, which will increase the available signal bandwidth to 80Gbps. With the new additional features,the new USB cable will be able support 8K HDR video monitors, which are currently the highest standard viewing quality available in the world. Following the move, the industry groups are planning to replace older-style ports on digital devices so that the future generation computers rely on the increasingly versatile port, a port which can carry out various functions all at the ease of the consumer.

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In addition to the two-lane delivery, the new technology will be able to support Apple’s Thunderbolt 3 standard and USB PD charging standard allowing users to charge their devices at higher speeds (that is, if they support fast charging).

While talking about USB4’s two-lane delivery, Tom’s hardware wrote “So, let’s say that you have USB 4 with a 40 Gbps maximum and you’re outputting to a 4K monitor while copying a ton of files from an external SSD. And let’s stipulate that the video feed needs about 12.5 Gbps. In that case, USB 4 would allocate the remaining 27.5 Mbps to your backup drive”. Finally, the new technology is expected to revolutionize how external monitors and other devices will be connected with one another. However, you will have to wait till late-2020 or early 2021 to get a hold of the new type of technology.


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