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Use of black emojis is not so Far a cultural threat by white people

Well, the use of black emojis by the white people is not more than a cultural appropriation,  but not in the negative sense, as often the “cultural appropriation” is taken in the negative sense.

Above is my comment for the video that I found on BBC a few days before. The video files a case against the memes that depict the black emojis and Gifts for being racists and the white people who use these black skinned emojis and Gifts are actually insulting the culture of the blacks, in a way, by using these emojis for entertainment and taking the black people as sassy and sexier beings.

According to the lady in the video, use of black emojis by white people makes it “digital blackface” and if I proceed with the same concept, to follow the white people in the dressing makes us digitally dressed the lady herself has an English haircut but black face, what would you call her now?

The spouts to let the black people decide themselves in what way they want to be perceived opens a psychological chapter. To me, this very statement shows lady’s cultural complex, as the things world takes from her culture as entertainment, she is not agreed to share with the world around. Probably, she wants to hide her culture instead of representing globally.

By the way, most interestingly,  the lady should not forget that the black face is not a cultural thing,  it is something natural and a white father is likely to have a black son, so there is no way to cry over the things not belonging her culture.

I don’t agree with the lady’s arguments she gives in a way to save the black people from being the source of entertainment in the hands of white people. However, if someone is agreed here,  must let me know his/her strategy that will be enforced to make the people use only that very emojis and Gifts are relevant to their own culture and color, to get the so called issue of racism resolved.

Yellow emojis, I think, is the best solution here.

For the lady,  hurt by the exaggerated use of black faces; the most uncivilized black people in the eyes of the world are the most civilized to me. Because they are deadly respectful to their culture,  while we observe the nations ignoring their own traditions and cultures and following others, to be called civilized ones.

Saba Imran
Saba Imranhttp://www.netmag.pk
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