Use of HID lights in Islamabad has been banned

Use of HID lights in Islamabad has been banned
Use of HID lights in Islamabad has been banned

So a decision has been taken by the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) which no one would have expected.Moreover, it was found that the ITP ha devised plans to improve the new traffic regulations in order to bring about standard of traffic vigilance closer to the international level to in turn make the roads of Islamabad much safer and better.

It has been found in the latest development that Hamza Shafqaat, who is currently the District Magistrate Islamabad, has imposed a section 144 ban on the installation, sales and purchase of High-Intensity Discharge(HID) lights in cars. These lights can be found on many cars in the city and people like to add to these lights on there cars to make there cars more attractive, however, when turned on these lights tend to have a disturbing effect on other vehicle drivers on the road, especially those driving towards them.

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The SSP Islamabad Traffic Police tweeted confirmation that the step has been and will be taken,he said that this rule shall be implemented from today onwards and action will also start to be taken from today onwards. The notification points to the fact that HID lights are very disturbing and unnecessary and these lights in turn cause difficulties for incoming traffic and have led to fatal accidents in the past which shall not be tolerated anymore and strict action will be taken against the opposers.

Furthermore it is also worth noting that on several occasions the HID lights installed are cheap in nature and can cause short-circuiting which leads to the vehicle catching fire. Several similar incidents happened a couple of years ago and the mystery could not be solved until the manufacturers discovered that the actual issue was custom installation of HID lights. They got heated up to such a point that a fire would lit up causing danger for the users. So what do you think? A good decision or a bad one?


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