Now you can use WhatsApp on your tablet

Now you can use WhatsApp on your tablet
Now you can use WhatsApp on your tablet

WhatsApp has now become available for tablet users, as they now have the means to download the app from the Google Play Store, however, this version is the beta version of the app. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used messaging platform from around the world, and while it has gained immense popularity over the years, one factor due to which the app has gained some poor reviews is because the app is bound only for mobile phone users. However, now, this is subject to change, as users can enjoy the messaging app on their tablet devices, too.

The latest reports suggest that WhatsApp is now available for download from the Playstore, however, the version available for the Android tablet is for the beta tester only. What this means is that the app will offer only a limited number of features and functionalities. And while you might be a bit disappointed if you’re a tablet user, take solace in the fact that if things go per expectations, then there are to be a handful of other features to be added in the future.

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WhatsApp for Android tablets will not actually be working on the Wi-Fi devices, and you would need to have a sim slot for the tablet to carry out the functions you would require from WhatsApp.

Also, another thing to note is that you are required to have another WhatsApp account, not as the one that you would currently have on your mobile phone won’t actually work. This is because of the fact that the beta app is not letting you pair the tablet with your smartphone.

In recent times, WhatsApp has also gone on to release new features, and these include the likes of stickers, along with an additional feature, called the preview feature.


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