Users with Windows 8 and above are being forced by Microsoft to install the Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Browser

So if any app which is automatically installed on your computer system and is giving you prompts to use that app repeatedly, one would normally expect it to be malware. After recent developments by Microsoft however, this will not be the case, the famous American company  have recently designed the Microsoft’s official Edge browser that is automatically installed for Windows 10 users without any consent. Microsoft however, is not forcing an automatic update on Windows 10, but the same company are also giving people full-screen prompts regarding the new browser.

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 In addition to that, you should note that, these prompts cannot be closed and the only option available for you is the “Get started”. Also worth mentioning here is that the  Microsoft Edge browser can not be uninstalled after the recent update, so you’re pretty much stuck with the browser now. The unwanted browser is being presented to Windows 7 and 8 users as well, these are the older versions of the Windows software which were not supposed to be supported anymore. Microsoft are even forcing shutdowns to install the update for some users, this is really like a virus, forcing you to do things, which you wouldn’t and if you don’t, then the computer loses its performance altogether.

 The only justification for this intrusive update is that Microsoft is trying to replace the older version of Edge that comes with Windows 10 with the new Chromium version of the browser. The company claim that they want you to use the best browser that is available on your expense, but if for se you don’t want the best, well then that is not an option on the table, you can not uninstall the application, period. The best you can do is force close the application from settings. The company, Microsoft have yet made no statements regarding the new development, but we shall see as we move on. 


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